Terms & conditions & Failure Form

Medex Company's Replacement Policy

Based on Medex Company's commitment to providing the highest quality in its products and ensuring customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive replacement policy to accommodate all solutions for our customers as follows:

Article (1): Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects (This condition depends on providing evidence of manufacturing defects in the product) The product can be replaced in any quantity without conditions. At Medex Company, we guarantee that our products are free from manufacturing defects for a lifetime. In the event of the discovery of any manufacturing defect in our products, we commit to immediate product replacement without any charges, or a full refund without imposing any additional conditions, based on providing evidence of the manufacturing defect. This warranty reflects our strong commitment to quality and excellence in customer service.

Article (2): Free Replacement of 5% of the Purchased Quantity Annually "Medex Company offers a free replacement service for 5% of the total purchased quantity, provided that the specified conditions are met and the request is approved by Medex Company's manufacturing department and scientific office."

This service is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Providing X-ray images before and after the procedure.
  2. Completing the company's special form, sealing it, and signing it by the physician.
  3. Delivering the product with its specific sticker.
  4. "To complete the replacement process, the request must be submitted to the manufacturing company and Medex Company's scientific management within a period not exceeding twenty-one (21) business days from the date of the request. Upon approval of the request by the company, replacement will be carried out according to the specified conditions. In case of non-approval, the request is considered void, and replacement will not take place."

Article (3): Replacement for a Fixed Fee

"Medex Company provides an immediate replacement service for sold products at any quantity for a specified fee equal to half the purchase value of the product at the time of the change request."

Please note that the terms and conditions and the price schedule are subject to periodic changes. Medex Company reserves the right to amend these terms in accordance with market requirements and industrial developments.